Concept design & development

Ideas are developed by creative minds and in order to nourish the seeds of such creativity in a world of competing concepts, our experience in providing support to develop innovative visions has granted our clients with unmatchable successes enhancing their operation’s international and global exposures.

We offer comprehensive and detailed support in planning the development of concepts and ideas by creating effective business plans and formulating budget that meets the clients financial capabilities.

Hospitality venues today including spas, restaurants, bars and hotels, are in constant competition with one another to create an attractive, inviting, functional and durable environment. Often times the struggle to achieve a balance, results in a compromise that lacks the appeal of the original personality of the concept.


Business, intelligence & evaluation

Are you satisfied with your business current performances? do you wish to drive your already successful business to a higher level? would you like to explore opportunities to aggressively deliver a superior product that will set your business ahead of competition?

We are here to guide you through all the processes and development of strategies to achieve just that!

We start by determining your target markets and assessing your success achieved so far. we analyze your profit and loss statements and fashion solutions tailored to eliminate those entries causing unnecessary expenses. we pay on-site visits to evaluate the operation, determine the areas of concern and bring into existence training programs and systems to effectively improve these areas.

Asset & contract management

Hotel asset management deals are win-win situations. To be able to generate well-structured agreements, you need to know the requirements and importance from multiple viewpoints and understand what is motivating the property owners, operators, and lenders.

Successful hospitality and real estate management doesn’t end with a successful deal; it requires managing the agreement’s execution effectively to achieve strategic asset goals.

Knowing the foundation for superior hotel real estate management and execution is very important to examine leasing agreements and understand valuation.

Most important is to understand financing, equity structuring, exit strategies, and developing real estate investment and asset management strategy.

– Structure hotel investments that meet the needs of both parties
– Evaluate, understand a proposed franchise agreement
– Analyse management contracts from owners and operators prospective
– Market study for a particular property
-Use an income approach to estimate market value
– Create tools to create value via modern financials
– Evaluate the role of public equity and private equity in capital markets
– Design strategic vision for asset management
– Develop asset management plans for a property’s long-term needs

– Benchmark hotel asset management
– Benchmark expenses and revenues with industry-standard tools


Market & feasibility analysis

The feasibility study is an analysis of the viability of an idea. The feasibility study focuses on helping answer the most important question of “shall we proceed with the proposed project idea?” all activities of the study are directed toward helping answer this question. Feasibility studies are primarily focus on proposed business venture, investors, owners, and others with a business idea should conduct a feasibility study to determine the viability of their idea before proceeding with the development of a business.

Determining early that a business idea will not work prevent time wasting, money later.

– Evaluate alternatives
– Pre-feasibility study
– Market assessment
– Results and conclusions
– Go/no-go decision
– Feasibility study vs. business plan
– Reasons given not to do a feasibility study
– Reasons to do a feasibility study

Merger & acquisition

Our team will guide clients to define m&a strategies and create milestone for the industry, customers, and competitors. Clients count on us to help identify potential opportunities and targets for growth that align with their corporate strategy, our service below:

– Portfolio strategy
– Strategic and operating model assessment
– Target screening
– Deal structuring
– Integration and divestiture
– Integration/separation planning and support
– Sale purchase & financial agreement advisory
– Purchase price allocation
– Transaction services agreements advisory
– Integration program mobilisation
– Synergy support


Facility planning

 Our team will create strategies and plan accordingly as this helps facility planners increase the effectiveness. We will perform advanced analytics techniques, right scenario modelling, and a proper workflow engine.

To help organisations deliver effective strategies, reveals gaps between business demands and property; analyses, ranks, and suggests scenarios; and automates manual and time-consuming processes.

– Business process flow
– Planning process
– Strategies element
– Environment and trends
– Needs survey
– Mission statement
– General objectives
– Strategies
– Implementation plan

Quality assessment

Quality and standards are the foundation of hospitality industry, hospitality provide services to customer which must satisfy the exceed customers expectations; however, management perceptions of quality of service often differ from customer perceptions that’s why it is very important to create the standards and make sure the quality of it is maintained.

Our team will examine the concepts of service and quality within the framework of the hospitality industry then provide feedback to the management team so they can set the quality level based on concept, industry standards, property level, structure, etc

These are then used to contrast the expectations of customers with the perception of those expectations by the providers of hospitality services.


Financial & revenue management

Our team will enable the project to apply strategies, analytical disciplines and predict consumer behaviour from the micro to macro market level and optimise product availability and price to maximise revenue growth.

– Dynamic pricing strategies to maximise occupancy and rev par
– Rate discipline and price prediction tools
– Segmentation and channel management tools
– Effective forecast and predictive modelling
– Up-selling strategies
– Direct business optimisation
– Online distribution balanced management
– Fully-integrated apiro corporate office support
– Comprehensive financial reporting with monthly p&l
– Detailed revenue analysis
– Cash flow forecasts and accounts receivable position
– Fully-computerised inventory control
– Fully-detailed annual plan and budgeting

Sales , marketing & social media advisory

Timing, knowing your competition and personality are important aspects of a successful marketing strategy. We assist in the pre-opening of new concepts as well as repositioning of existing venues to create a marketing plan specific to your needs.

This includes assessing the target market, the current market penetration, re-branding or maximising current branding, creating profitable networks and reviewing and updating media resources and internet/email programs.

– Market and competitor research
– Sales & marketing program development
– Revenue generation                 

– Competency assessments
– Campaign audits, reviews, and assessments
– Development and execution of brand strategy
– Development and deployment of digital on-line strategy


Customer relationship & loyalty programs

Technology implementation in practices, strategies will be beneficial to companies that will use this method, this system will enable the business to manage and analyse customer interactions, and life cycle, the purpose and idea is to improve customer and business relationships by creating customer retention and loyalty.

– Customer acquisition, retention, and reactivation strategies
– Cross-selling training and monitoring

– Comprehensive program for managing customer feedback across all channels
 – Comprehensive rewards and loyalty programs
 – Awareness-building programs with calendar of regular events

System implementation & standard operating procedures

Creates an operations plan based on the unique needs of the client. The success of a new project is dependent on properly thought out and executed systems. from the beginning of a project, we continuously train employees and deliver the tools needed to start and maintain proven systems of success.

When implementing new systems in an existing business, we ensure an efficient and seamless transition with as little disruption as possible through strong communication and training.

Creating a set of instructions to maximise operational and production requirements is a vital part of every successful business. In hospitality, teams work together for a common goal and supervise others who are working toward this same goal. Although it seems a simple task to lay out a successful step-by-step guide, it is often the key issue in a struggling business.


Operations management

Customer- centric service philosophy, fully-supported by comprehensive task specific manuals.

– Service recovery program

– Comprehensive customer feedback system

– On- the -job training and ongoing education programs

– Daily/weekly/monthly service evaluations

– Regular quality audits by area manager

Health clubs - spa operations development & management

Our team will be able to create and developed concepts/ideas based on the latest technologies and customer requirements.

Our expertise in health club, spa, wellness center, integrative medicine, preventive medicine, beauty centers will create a unique and innovative concept that will compliment the market, customer needs with a holistic approach by combining design, local element, indigenous team, simplest operational and cost effective operation for any facilities anywhere located

our team will be able to develop and manage the concept cost effectively and provide reasonable roi based on industry standard.


Food & beverage concept development and management

We bring evocative and highly-effective solutions to the hotel restaurant business. Whether creating new concepts or upgrading existing space, we offer a full suite of services customisable to suit specific project needs.

–  Market and feasibility studies
– Concept proposals to direct operations and interior design
– Space function and area capacity planning
– Kitchen and bar planning
– Brand concept development
– Menu design and direction
– Table top direction
– Uniform styling and design
– Music planning and policy

Human capital management & talent acquisition

customer relationship & loyalty programs using the “train the trainer” approach to improve staff performance. starting by educating the management and working hands on with them during the training process results in a solid and organised team.

Our training programs range from how to manage and run a profitable venue to the delivery of great service. All aspects of services are covered including the venue’s front entrance, phone service, customer service, valet, dining facility, bar, room service, selection of wine and spirits offered and corporate sales.

– Maximise operational efficiency to provide the highest level of customer care while establishing budgetary standards
– Comprehensive analysis and planning of manning requirements and deployment
– Annual training plan, detailed monthly training activities, department by department training programs
– Employee productivity analysis
– Performance management system
– Structured succession and career development planning
– Full human capital management
– Executive search services for hospitality, health & spa and maritime industries

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