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Escrow Services

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Escrow is a process used when two parties are in the process of completing a transaction and want assurance whether one party or another will be able to fulfill their obligations. Contexts that use escrow include Internet transactions, banking, intellectual property, real estate, commodities, art, acquisitions,
mergers and acquisitions, law, and many more.

Consider a company that is selling goods internationally. That company requires assurance that it will receive payment when the goods reach their destination. The buyer, for their part, is prepared to pay for the goods only if they arrive in good condition. The buyer can place the funds in escrow with an agent with instructions to disburse them to the seller once the goods arrive in a suitable state. This way, both parties are safe, and the transaction can proceed.

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For Example, escrow verifies the Proof of Funds and Proof of Coin from the 2 parties. Contracts with the terms of the trade are drawn up and agreed. Buyer sends the funds to the Escrow. Seller sends the Bitcoin to the buyer. Once confirmed, Escrow releases the funds to the seller.