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The Fadika family of Sierra Leone has specialised in mining Diamonds, Iron ore and importing and exporting many other commodities starting with the Sierra Leone Diamond Company in the late 1990’s. The Leader of the family Sierra Leonean business magnate, investor and philanthropist Mr Gibril Santigie Moseray Fadika has directed the family empire to help rebuild Sierra Leone creating 83% of the GDP for the country whilst leading the country in human rights and philanthropy in helping the people of Sierra Leone out of poverty and continued this mission across the whole content of Africa with Amazing Success.  

Mr Fadika was appointment as the first United Nations Goodwill and Business Ambassador for the Commonwealth Africa Initiative. This appointment underscored Moseray’s iconic status and outstanding leadership virtues and commitment to Africa’s development and was a Presidential Candidate for the Country of Sierra Leone until his passing in 2016

Moseray was the Vice Chairman of Shandong Steel (SL) Ltd and Executive Director of Pan Africa Minerals Ltd, with a cumulative investment portfolio in Africa of over $3.1 Billion.  Gibril Santigie Moseray Fadika’s nephew Gibrill. K . Fadika, Family and The Moseray Fadika Trust Foundation carry on his Philanthropy and Business interests in his honor.

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