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Fame can intrude on your own personal lifestyle and bring an unprecedented amount of unwanted attention.  Reports of obsessive fans stalking high profile celebrities such as actors and sports stars are not uncommon and can often be disturbing and distressing for the victim.  Over-zealous paparazzi can also bring attention that is neither wanted or welcome.  Conversely, other individuals may have more violent motives and may have intentions to cause more serious harm.


 The prospect of carrying a large amount of cash or valuable items such as jewellery or artwork through a bustling city like London can be very daunting. Expert security personnel may therefore be employed to plan the most practical route, provide surveillance and be on hand to ensure the goods are carried safely from A to B.


 Some corporate executives may have to travel overseas to an unfamiliar region for business purposes.  Some countries present a greater risk than others and the executive may feel safer by being accompanied by a Close Protection Officer.  Former military personnel are particularly well suited to this role as they are accustomed to planning and operating in hostile regions.


NEW YORK - MAY 04:  Model/TV personality Heidi Klum attends

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