About Us

As part of the Route 2 Invest Group Ltd.

Our purpose is to enrich the lives of people we touch by our professionalism. Our culture is based on an unwavering belief in integrity and fair dealings, treating our clients and each other with dignity and respect… We do this by managing our business with integrity and the very highest ethical standards.

We are a people driven culture that uses technology to ensure continuous improvement to our investors. We strive to meet the needs of the markets we serve… We strive for continued excellence… We take prudent risks and work together as a team to assure our success and profitability in the future…

We work hard to continuously enhance our reputation for accessibility, professionalism, performance, trust, reliability & the depth & quality of our long-term relationships with all clients.
We endeavour to be valued as an industry leader in client satisfaction, sales growth, product performance, financial strength and profitability.

Everything we do reflects this mission and the values that make it possible. The developers we choose to recommend to our clients are those which we have spent years establishing working relationships with, developers that have been consistently on top of their game.

The current climate has left quite a few empty properties and so Route2Turkey has seen the opportunity to help both the developers sell their remaining units around the cost price, and our clients to realize massive savings on what we say are simply fantastic properties.

In these days where unfortunately formerly huge developers can go bankrupt & some have, where smaller, faster-moving companies can exploit opportunities that others miss, as an independent developer agent with co-partners in all of our regions, we can apply our superior market knowledge to make the very best recommendations to you across all property development companies, right at the point you are ready to invest.