About Us

Collectively with over 100 years experience and knowledge of finance, property, strategy, international standards, technological changes and industrial systems,  we are a conglomerate of business services here to serve you and give you back your most precious asset time freedom.

We understand that Time is your most valuable asset and we are dedicated to provide the best economical solutions, highest quality products and services to you, our valued customers in one place.

Thanks to the internet and smart phones, we have an infinite wealth of information, connections and resources at our fingertips. But what we don’t have is an abundance of time or unlimited attention spans, both of which are scarce resources. They are extremely valuable to you, to marketers and to social media platforms. 

Let us help you cut through all the research, red tape and wasted time filtering hundreds of hours of information so that you can focus your time on what really is important and matters to you most and manage your lifestyle and time with more ease.


Volkan Mahmut

Group Director

Property Sales & Training


May Chan

Director of Asia

Property Sales & Estate Agents Operations


Stelios Stylianou

Group Director



Michelle Whelan

Group Director

Operations & Financial Services


Gibrill Fadika

Group Director

Commodities, Import & Export


Francis Whelan - Mellor MCMI

Group Director

Luxury & Executive Services

What We Do & How We Do It

Evaluate suppliers and consultants based on pre-determined selection criteria. 

+ Analyze historical data to provide a baseline to support savings and cost avoidance. 

+ Lead processes for construction and professional services in accordance with  policy and procedures. 

+ Analyze bids based on best value in order to achieve overall optimal value. 

+ Prepare and execute clear, structured negotiation strategies utilizing Strategic Sourcing methodology. 

+ Prepare and execute contracts as well as perform post-award administration. 

+ Understand and assist in the development and execution of performance management with suppliers that focus on quality, responsiveness and cost. 

+ Ensure compliance with Strategic Sourcing policies and best practices. 

+ Communicate and report to management the status of any critical external relationships that could affect planning and decision-making. 

+ Analyze market industry trends and conditions that affect markets and external suppliers and/or pricing. 

+ Collaborate with other sourcing teams to consolidate efforts when bidding same categories. 

+ Participate in professional development activities to keep abreast of current industry best practices.